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Submitted :  

  •  B. Bultel, C. Quantin, Andreani M., L. Lozac’h. (2016), Serpentinization and carbonation of the Noachian Martian crust, Submitted to JGR
  •  C. Brustel, J. Flahaut, E. Hauber, F. Fueten, R. Stesky, C. Quantin,  G.R. Davies, Valles Marineris tectonic and volcanic history inferred from dikes in eastern Coprates Chasma, submitted
  •  Quantin-Nataf C., L. Lozac’h, P. Thollot, D. Loizeau, J. Fernando, B. Bultel, P. Allemand ,F. Dubuffet;  F. Poulet, A. Ody,  H. Clenet, .S.  Harrisson , MarsSI: Martian surface data processing Information System, Submitted to PSS
  • Poulet F., Quantin-Nataf C., H. Ballans, K. Dassas, J. Audouard, J. Carter, B. Gondet, L. Lozac’h, J.-C. Malapert, C. Marmo, L. Riu, A. Séjourné, PSUP: a Planetary SUrface Portal, Submitted to PSS
  •  M. Pajola, S. Rossato, E. Baratti, R. Pozzobon, C. Quantin-Nataf, J. Carter, P. Thollot, Boulders abundances and size-frequency distributions on Oxia Planum-Mars: Scientific implications for the 2020 ESA ExoMars rover, under review Icarus
  • Ciarletti V.,   Clifford S. , D. Plettemeier, A. Le Gall, Y.ann Hervé , S. Dorizon, C. Quantin-Nataf , WS. Benedix , S. Schwenzer, E. Pettinelli, E. Heggy, A. Herique, J. Vago and the WISDOM team, The WISDOM radar: Unveiling the subsurface beneath the ExoMars Rover and identifying the best locations for drilling, Under review Astrobiology
  • Vago, J. et al., Searching for Traces of Life with the ExoMars Rover. Submitted to Astrobiology.
  • C. Quantin-Nataf, R. A. Craddock, F. Dubuffet, L. Lozac’h, M. Martinot, Decline of erosion rates during Early mars (2016), Under review EPSL




  • B. L. Ehlmann, F. S. Anderson, J. Andrews-Hanna, J. Carter, D. C. Catling, P. R. Christensen, B. A. Cohen, C. D. Dressing, C. S. Edwards, L. T. Elkins-Tanton, K. A. Farley, C. I. Fassett, W. W. Fischer, A. A. Fraeman, M. P. Golombek, V. E. Hamilton, A. G. Hayes, C. D. K. Herd, B. Horgan, R. Hu, B. M. Jakosky, J. R. Johnson, J. F. Kasting, L. Kerber, K. M. Kinch, E. S. Kite, H. A. Knutson, J. I. Lunine, P. R. Mahaffy, N. Mangold, F. M. McCubbin, J. F. Mustard, P. B. Niles, C. Quantin-Nataf, M. S. Rice, K. M. Stack, D. J. Stevenson, S. T. Stewart, M. J. Toplis, T. Usui, B. P. Weiss, S. C. Werner, R. D. Wordsworth, J. J. Wray, R. A. Yingst, Y. L. Yung, K. J. Zahnle (2016), The Sustainability of Habitability on Terrestrial Planets: Insights, Questions, and Needed Measurements from Mars for Understanding the Evolution of Earth-like Worlds, JGR, DOI: 10.1002/2016JE005134
  • C. Quantin-Nataf, O. Popova, W.K. Hartmann, S. Werner (2016), Young Martian Crater Gratteri and its secondary craters, In Press, JGR
  • Fernando, J., Schmidt, F., Douté, S. Martian surface microtexture from orbital CRISM multi-angular observations: a new perpective for the characterization of the geological processes, Planetary and Space Science, Volume 128, 1 September 2016, Pages 30-51, dos:10.1016/j.pss.2016.05.005.
  • Pilorget, C., Fernando, J., Ehlmann, B., Schmidt, F., Hiroi, T. Wavelength dependence of photometric properties in the VIS-NIR and link with the grains’ physical and compositional properties. Icarus, Volume 267, 15 March 2016, Pages 296-314, doi: 10.1016/j.icarus.2015.12.029.
  • Gwinner, K.; Jaumann, R.; Hauber, E.; Hoffmann, H.; Heipke, C.; Oberst, J.; Neukum, G.; Ansan, V.; Bostelmann, J.; Dumke, A.; Elgner, S.; Erkeling, G.; Fueten, F.; Hiesinger, H.; Hoekzema, N. M.; Kersten, E.; Loizeau, D.; Matz, K.-D.; McGuire, P. C.; Mertens, V.; Michael, G.; Pasewaldt, A.; Pinet, P.; Preusker, F.; Reiss, D.; Roatsch, T.; Schmidt, R.; Scholten, F.; Spiegel, M.; Stesky, R.; Tirsch, D.; van Gasselt, S.; Walter, S.; Wählisch, M.; Willner, K. (2016) The High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) of Mars Express and its Approach to Science Analysis and Mapping for Mars and its Satellites. Planetary and Space Science, Volume 126, p. 93-138. DOI: 10.1016/j.pss.2016.02.014
  • V. Sautter, M. J. Toplis, P. Beck, N. Mangold, R. Wiens, P. Pinet, A. Cousin, S. Maurice, L. LeDeit, R. Hewins, O. Gasnault, C. Quantin, O. Forni, H. Newsom, P.-Y. Meslin, J. Wray, N. Bridges, V. Payré., W. Rapin, S. Le Mouélic “Magmatic complexity on early Mars as seen through a combination of orbital, in-situ and meteorite data, sollicited review, Lithos, Volumes 254–255, June 2016, Pages 36-52


  • Westall F., Foucher F., Bost N. Bertrand, Marylène B., Loizeau D.,  Vago J.,  Kminek G.,  Gaboyer F.,  Campbell K. A. , Biosignatures on Mars: what, where and how? Implications for the search for Martian life. In press, Astrobiology.
  • B. Bultel, C. Quantin, Andreani M., Clenet H. (2015), Deep alteration between Hellas and Isidis Basins, Icarus, 260, 141-160.
  • Carter J., Viviano-Beck C., Loizeau D. , Bishop J.,  Le Deit  L., (2015) Orbital detection and implications of akaganéite on Mars. Icarus, Volume 253, p. 296-310. DOI: 10.1016/j.icarus.2015.01.020
  • Carter J.,  Loizeau D.,  Mangold N.,  Poulet F.  Bibring J.P., (2015) Widespread surface weathering on early Mars: A case for a warmer and wetter climate. Icarus, Volume 248, p. 373-382. DOI: 10.1016/j.icarus.2014.11.011
  •  Loizeau D., N. Mangold , F.s Poulet , JP  Bibring , J. Bishop , J. Michalski , C. Quantin, High resolution mapping of the martian candidate landing site at Mawrth Vallis: history of the clay-rich unit, (2015)  J. Geophys. Res. Planets, 120, doi:10.1002/2015JE004894.
  • Ody A.,  Poulet F., Quantin C.,  Bibring J.-P., Bishop J. L., Dyar M. D., Candidates source regions of Martian Meteorites as identified by OMEGA/MEx, Icarus, Volume 258, p. 366-383.
  • Bultel B., S., Quantin C., Lozac’h L. (2015), Description of CoTCAT (Complement to CRISM Analysis Toolkit), IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing  03/2015; 1. OI: 10.1109/JSTARS.2015.2405095


  • Werner, S., Ody, A., Poulet, F. (2014), The Source Crater of Martian Shergottite Meteorites, Science, Vol. 343 no. 6177 pp. 1343-1346
  • Poulet, F. ; Carter, J. ; Bishop, J.L. ; Loizeau, D. ; Murchie, S.M. 2014. Mineral abundances at the final four Curiosity study sites and implications for their formation. Icarus, V. 231, 65-76


  •  Ody A., Poulet F., Langevin Y., et al, (2013), Global investigation of olivine on Mars: insights into crust and mantle compositions, Journal of Geophysical Research, vol 118, issue 2, p 234-262.
  • Bishop, Janice L.; Loizeau, Damien; McKeown, Nancy K.; Saper, Lee; Dyar, M. Darby; Des Marais, David J.; Parente, Mario; Murchie, Scott L. (2013) What the ancient phyllosilicates at Mawrth Vallis can tell us about possible habitability on early Mars. Planetary and Space Science, Volume 86, p. 130-149. DOI: 10.1016/j.pss.2013.05.006
  • Westall, Frances; Loizeau, Damien; Foucher, Frédéric; Bost, Nicolas; Betrand, Marylène; Vago, Jorge; Kminek, Gerhard (2013) Habitability on Mars from a Microbial Point of View. Astrobiology, vol. 13, issue 9, pp. 887-897. DOI : 10.1089/ast.2013.1000
  • Clenet, H., Pinet, P., Ceuleneer, G., Daydou, Y. Heuripeau, F., Rosemberg, C., Bibring, J.-P., Bellucci, G., Altieri, F., Gondet, B., A systematic mapping procedure based on the Modified Gaussian Model to characterize magmatic units from olivine/pyroxenes mixtures: Application to the Syrtis Major volcanic shield on Mars,JGR – Planets 118, 1632-1655, 2013.
  • Bishop J. L., Tirsch D., Tornabene L., Jaumann R., McEwen A., McGuire P., Ody A. et al., (2013), The mineralogy and morphology of ancient aqueous outcrops at Libya Montes and their association with fluvial features and impacts, Journal of Geophysical Research, Volume 118, Issue 3, pp. 487-513
  • Tanaka K.L. and Quantin-Nataf  C. , (2013) , Updating the planetary time scale: focus on Mars, Ciencias Da Terra-Earth Science journal, Vol. 18., ISSN 0254-055X.*
  • B. Tauzin, E. Debayle, C. Quantin, and N. Coltice, (2013), Seismoacoustic coupling induced by the breakup 28  of the 15 February 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor, Geophys. Res. Lett., Vol. 40/14, 3522–3526, doi:10.1002/grl.50683.*


  • Mangold, N; E.S. Kite, M. Kleinhans, H. Newsom, V. Ansan, E. Hauber, E. Kraal, C. Quantin,  K. Tanaka (2012), The origin and timing of fluvial activity at Eberswalde crater, Mars, Icarus, 220, Issue 2, p. 530-551.
  • Le Deit L., J. Flahaut, C. Quantin, O. Bourgeois, E. Hauber, M. Masse, D. Mège, R. Jaumann (2012) ‘Phyllosilicate-rich formations on the plateaus around Valles Marineris, Mars: Geological characteristics, formation process, and relationships with other sedimentary formations. J. Geophys. Res., , VOL. 117, E00J05, 25 PP., doi:10.1029/2011JE003983
  •  C. Quantin,  Flahaut J.,  Clenet H., Allemand P., Thomas P., (2012) Composition and structure of the subsurface in the vicinity of Valles Marineris as revealed by central uplift of impacts craters. Icarus,  Volume 221, Issue 1,436-452. *
  • Flahaut, J., C. Quantin, Mustard J., Clenet H., P. Allemand, P. (2012) Thomas Pristine Noachian crust and key geologic transitions in the walls of Valles Marineris: insights into early igneous processes on Mars. Icarus Volume 221, Issue 1, 420-435.


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