bandeau-30-janvier (1)

The 30th of January, we launched our website with the comics made by Alice Adenis and build on stories we collected on sexism in geosciences. We started few years ago, and the collective work focused on that project. Everyone pushed for it and worked hard to make it real. Now people can propose their stories too on the website, and can join the community.

On this day, we worked with the Equality department of Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and the communication office to organize a full day of discussions and testimonies around The morning, Claudia Jesus-Rydin, coordinator of the Earth System Science program at ERC came to talk about the actions she pushed. A round table followed, with Marie Bocher from the team, Muriel Salle who is an historian, and a well-known cartoonist and writer Diglee. Philippe Liotard animated very interesting debates on sexism in science, feminism, women and labor. Early in the afternoon, several people gave talks, in a TED-like format, on their experience as a scientist, worker of the music industry, YouTuber, teacher building up a program on equality in sports. The presentations were insightful and touching too. Outside, we made an exhibition of Alice’s drawings. We enjoyed our day very much, and were very happy to share our experience with a diversity of people.

You can find the videos in French (except for Claudia Jesus-Rydin’s talk which is in English) here: