Summer meetings

This summer was the occasion of sharing progress made on the AUGURY project. In July, Martina Ulvrova and Nicolas Coltice attended the Plate tectonics workshop organized by Paul Tackley and his group, together with Robert Stern. It was in Locarno, Switzerland, a beautiful place in the Alps. Many discussions focused on when plate tectonics started, and a next meeting is planned with expectations of significant advances in the near future. Martina Ulvrova presented her work on the life of subduction zones, Charitra Jain on continental lithosphere formation in convection models, Antoine Rozel on grain size evolution.

Group photo in Ascona for the Plate tectonics workshop.

Group photo in Ascona for the Plate tectonics workshop.

Following this workshop, the SEDI meeting in Nantes, France, was the gathering of deep Earth scientists working on the deep interior of the Earth and planets. Maelis Arnould presented her work on dynamic topography, and Nicolas Coltice attended the workshop. Tobias Rolf presented his work on tectonics and mantle convection. The meeting gave the opportunity for long group discussions on deep dynamics, and sharing between different communities.


Group photo of the SEDI meeting in Nantes.