AUGURY @AGU Fall meeting 2015




Marie Bocher, Claire Mallard, Martina Ulvrova and Nicolas Coltice attended AGU 2015 fall meeting. A group from E.T.H. Zurich with Charitra Jain, Antoine Rozel and Paul Tackley, as well as a team from Sydney with Simon Williams presented works as well.

It was the occasion to present the latest results from the project: Marie Bocher presented a poster on Ensemble filter method that will enable us to perform data assimilation in 3D spherical geometry in the course of 2016; Claire Mallard showed her analysis of convection models to understand why plates have specific size distribution; Martina Ulvrova presented results on convection with a free surface and continents, and Nicolas Coltice presented a work on small scale convection and a work on predicting tectonics with convection models.

The conference was the occasion to share knowledge and experience with colleagues around the globe and show how our team progressed in the past two years.

Movie of small scale convection beneath the lithosphere in a convection model. The view is from below. The red isotherm represents plume interacting with the boundary layer.