September 2017

Mike Tetley & Nicolas Coltice @ Nethermod

Sunset in Putten ©Grace Sphephard


Every 2 years, the European workshop of lithosphere dynamics and mantle convection modelling takes place. It is a nice gathering of scientists from all around the world to discuss all sorts of models of deformation of the rocky part of the Earth. This summer, it happened in Putten, Netherlands. Mike Tetley, just starting in Lyon presented his work on absolute plate motions in global plate reconstructions. Nicolas Coltice presented his work in collaboration with Grace Shephard on making tectonic prediction with convection models.

The workshop was super interesting for the group because it is the occasion to talk about the lithosphere and mantle together, see what are the problem for the modelling of both objects that are assembled in the models of AUGURY. It is also a nice place for networking and initiating new projects.

A insider view of the meeting provides a day by day experience of how Nethermod was. You can find it on this blog of the European Geophysical Union:

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