April 2017

What we do for better representation of women in Science

This week at the EGU meeting in Vienna, we present our experience and thought about the problem of under representation of women in Science. The team in Lyon is feminine (five women and one man these days) by coincidence, since the start of the project. We decided to take that specificity to discuss the issue of equal opportunity together, being in contact with a social science expert, Philippe Liotard. We think that commitment to make a change had very positive effects on everyone of us, and the people around us. You can find the poster here: TeamPoster_EGU2017_light

Alice Adenis made few comic strips on the theme: Did this really happen? True stories unfortunately. Check this out and join us to improve the situation.

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Lyon team in Sydney


The team from Lyon was in Sydney for 3 weeks of work with the EarthByters in December. The visit had the purpose to develop projects bridging geodynamic models and tectonic reconstructions. It was very fruitful to share data and thoughts. The time spent allowed specific work to be done mixing convection models and tectonic reconstruction data analysis. Several projects are underway following this stay. It was such a chance to be welcome like that, and to have two teams that share common grounds and values. We are looking forward the follow-up science initiated there. The group from the Basin Genesis Hub organized a field trip on the coast close to Sydney.



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