September 2015

Summer meetings


Mélanie and Marie on the deck

From the 31st of August to the 5th September, Mélanie Gérault and Marie Bocher attended the XIV International Workshop on Modelling of Mantle and Lithosphere Dynamics in the French island Oléron ( It was a great opportunity for both of them to discuss, discover, and exchange ideas with the geodynamic modelling community. Mélanie presented a poster on flat-slab subduction, topography, and mantle dynamics in southwestern Mexico, research on which she worked toward the end of her Ph.D. with Laurent Husson (U. of Grenoble), Meghan Miller (USC), and Gene Humphreys (U. of Oregon). Marie presented a poster on applying data assimilation to mantle circulation and surface tectonics, which constitutes the first chapter of her Ph.D. thesis. It also gave them the opportunity to meet with a few collaborators of the Augury project: Paul Tackley, Tobias Rolf, Nicolas Flament, Charitra Jain and Antoine Rozel. One of the highlights of the week was a boat tour to Fort Boyard, in front of which Marie and Mélanie are pictured below! Many thanks to Laetitia Le Pourhiet and cowokers (UPMC) for organizing such a stimulating and enjoyable meeting.




Following the meeting, we had the opportunity to host Nicolas Flament from the University of Sydney, who is co-advisor of the starting PhD thesis of Maelis Arnould, and Shi Joyce Sim from the University of San Diego, working on a project about sea-level in the deep past. It was a busy week with a lot of fruitful discussions.

On the 23rd of September, Nicolas Coltice attended the Research Data Alliance plenary meeting to discuss sharing 3D data in Earth Sciences, in a session organized by BRGM.

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