August 2015

IT for Augury

Because we work with large digital datasets (our results from our numerical models), we need to have some tools to make the best out of them. One goal is to create a database of all our calculations, that we can explore in order to avoid computing the same thing for the second time, or to analyse a computation already done. Sebastien Aurousseau was hired for 4 1/2 months to develop AuguReach, the tool to generate the database, automatically update it and search for parameterizations. It now works and it is a great help for us. In the future, we should be able to share our calculation results with this tool. For now, the security is not at the level we can do it outside the institution. Sebastien worked with Naïma to provide us a SVN server for our codes, and a DokuWiki for all our softwares and eventually beyond. We want to have collaborative tools and take care of the digital heritage we are building.

Yann was an intern for 3 months, coming from an undergraduate program of computer sciences. He worked on developing a software to automatically detect plate polygons in our calculations with plate-like behavior.

We were lucky to have them. In September their IT spirit will be gone and we will miss them.

Sébastien and Yann

Sébastien and Yann

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