July 2015

Spring visits


May and June were busy for the AUGURY team in Lyon. We had the visit of Edward Garnero from Arizona State University for one month. It was the occasion for everyone of us to discuss and work on the deepest mantle, but also the structure and dynamics of the ocean lithosphere. During his stay, we invited also Shijie Zhong from Boulder for a day. We talked about low velocity provinces in the lower mantle with the geodynamics people in Lyon, but also convection modeling with plates.

Eddie started a little book for us that I share here: Seismology for geodynamicists S4G (click on S4G to download the PDF file).

It was great for us to know more about how seismological observations are made, how they can help us to understand mantle flow and deep mantle processes. To be continued.

Nicolas Coltice visited the CEED in Oslo, where Tobias Rolf and Grace Shephard, collaborating in the AUGURY project are currently working. The CEED is a very special place to our subject of interest since it is one of the goals of the group to reconstruct past mantle motion and surface tectonics.

Then Marie Bocher, Martina Ulvrova and Nicolas Coltice joined Paul Tackley in Zurich for the PACS meeting early in June. Alexandre Fournier from Paris, co-advising the PhD thesis of Marie Bocher, was there too. We had the chance to present our progress and learn from the computational science community, and we had a good time as a group.


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