February 2015

Dr Léa Bello, Bravo!


Léa Bello, the first member of the AUGURY team, completed her PhD on the 16th of January. She defended her thesis on predictability of mantle convection models in from of a diverse and interested committee (Luce Fleitout, Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni, Taras Gerya, Laurent Husson and Yanick Ricard).

It was a very good moment for all the team. Congratulation to her for what she did. It was really with her and with her work that we built the foundation of what is to come.

I am very proud of her and wish her well for the future. It is great to have her for several more months in Lyon.

Here is a picture of her in the Montparnasse subway section, in front of a mantle convection picture she actually made millions of people have seen (kind of rare for us geodynamicists).

– Nicolas.


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