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AUGURY moved to Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris


New office :)

After 15 years in Lyon, Nicolas Coltice, PI of the project, moved to a new institution: Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris. The project is in a new research environment wtih a strong team in marine geophysics working on plate boundary evolution, a group working on earthquake generation. The geosciences department also hosts a group of climate scientists, among them there are specialists of data assimilation.

It opens new opportunities for the last 2 years of the project.

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Nicolas Coltice @ 50 years of plate tectonics: then, now and beyond


©Martina Ulvrova


Nicolas Coltice gave a talk at the 50 years celebration symposium of plate tectonics, organised at Collège de France. You can find a video of the talk here (Will Plate Tectonics still Be our Paradigm in 50 Years?):


and his participation to the panel discussion at the end:


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Maëlis Arnould: PhD and paper on dynamic topography



Maëlis Arnould defended succesfully her PhD in August, about dynamic topography and mantle plumes in convection models featuring self-generation of tectonics. She was able to make 3D spherical models producing Earth-like observables, so potentially in the correct regime to simulate our planet’s dynamics.



She also published her first manuscript in G3: Arnouldetal_2018

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